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Rules of fair use of any games created by Detocroix:

Youtube monetization – Feel free to make videos out of my games, comment, scream, enjoy, hate, let’s play, wtf is, who dunnit, or whatever your format is and you are allowed to monetize from your work whether or not it’s satire, serious, funny, stupid or genius content.

Game cameos – If you wish to include any of my characters in cameo roles, e.g. secret character in a fighting game, unlockable skin, hat, or what not, feel free to do so. If you wish to include character in starring role (~20% of the game) please contact me first and let’s discuss it further!

Modding – If you are a modder who wishes to make mods to my games, you’re VERY welcome to do so. You can ask for donations and get ad revenue as you wish, but you can’t ask money directly from the mod you have made. If someone wishes to give you money for your awesome mod, that’s great!

Piracy – If you can’t afford my games or feel it is not worth the time I’ve put in to making it, it is fine you download the game for yourself from “the place”. If you however do enjoy the game, I hope you’ll at least trick one of your buddies to put money in to it. Just don’t tell them I suggested you to do so! Spoils the fun otherwise, eh? :)

Art – If you create art, paintings, drawings, sculptures or some such, you are allowed to sell them to others. I only ask you create them yourself, do not sell prints of screenshots, or of “fan art” done by others or such that isn’t your unique work from start to end.