Legend of the Knightwasher



Legend of the Knightwasher is a tactical tale of revenge and betrayal set in world of medieval washing machines.  The washers, inhabitants of this world, are painted like banners of chivalric knights. The personification of washers is what makes the world unique and worth exploring, but the tactical washing machine combat is what makes the game awesome.

On the road to revenge, you’ll meet various factions of washers to draw allies from or to clash blades with. While combat is turn based and on a grid, you are not completely bound by those rules. You can think outside the grid and knock those tumbling bastards off a cliff and watch the fireworks. A washer with a lance is like a cannon that strikes the little warrior off its grid cell and sends it flying back where it came from.


The checklist that’s on all game sites:

  • Awesome turn-based physical combat between medieval washing machines!
  • Card based loot and hero system; plenty to boot, and loot.
  • Freedom to go anywhere you wish and plenty of chances to get hurt in the process should you chose unwisely!
  • Story told through world lore. Snippets of stories come together and reveal a detailed picture of the washer world.
  • A classic tale of knights, knights, oppressed peasants, knights, and a false crown.
  • Sailing! Over the edge! No turtles under this world. It’s a washing machine world after all.
  • Hexagonal shaped world, big hole in middle, Titan Washers, lots of stuff to see!
  • Pesky warriors, unique knights, horrible champion enemies.
  • Recruit peasants, equip them unique weapons, lose everything because they are still just peasants, but it’s still fun so you do it nonetheless!
  • Did I mention tactical combat? We’ve got it. You can also break the grid based gameplay rules by pushing washers away from the very tile they stand on! Yup.
  • Tilting! Or jousting! Tilting is actually a nice word because washing machines will also tilt into corners while moving.
  • No washing machine jokes. Definitely a serious game about oppression of peasants. And death. And suffering of course. No joke.

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  1. Sheer perfection in the making. Soon our years of waiting for the Knightwasher will pay off. Also, the new website is fantastic!

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