Detocroix Company is a tiny little one man games company in eastern part of Finland. I’m an unholy hybrid of game artist, scripter, coder, designer, traditional artist and some other things that apparently shouldn’t fit together. I have worked in the industry for four years before going wil-.. I mean indie. I do random collaborations with other indies, art, design or just general running around and screaming. I do most parts of my games solo, except I buy sound design from another person and same goes for music.

Detocroix is a nickname I’m known with. I am, or was, member of U.D.I.C (Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter) and had a name Detonation Dragon there. I used to use nickname Deto until I noticed some weird cleaning products company had that name and I added -croix in the end. It made sense for some reason! The Company was added when I registered as a business early 2013.



I am mostly a self-trained (like a dog who learns new tricks alone!) artist. Not very successful as traditional artist though; I draw to visualize my thoughts and I try to re-learn painting. I haven’t actively painted since I was a little boy.

I’ve been doing 3D art since DOS. I don’t remember the name of the program, but it was grey, green and black and you used space to place vertices and the keyboard to move the cursor around and PERHAPS tab to switch between views. I don’t remember anymore. I used 3D Studio MAX until my first job when I had to switch to Maya.

My first position was as Environment Artist at Finnish company called Housemarque (the awesome company that brought you Stardust and Dead Nation) where I eventually was a weird mixture of scripter and artist but I enjoyed it immensively nonetheless!

I have never been in “demoscene” (Some kind of weird collection of Finnish game devs that are self taught and a bit crazy up there), never in modding scene (I’ve done some messing around in games, but only very very minor) and I’ve only recently gotten in to the whole “Game Jam Thing”, which is awesome as heck.



I’ve never been in to NES, SNES, whatnotNES, and I have barely touched playstation 1 and 2. When I was born 1984 I had Spectrum ZX placed in my hands and that’s what I played for ages. Eventually I got Commodore 64 and PC which is the most awesome thing I’ve ever touched.

I grew up with games released somewhere in 90s or near it at least, and I have fondest memories of those games. Ultima 7, Ultima Underworlds, XCOM, Star Control 2, Dune 2, Master of Orion to name a few are my favorite games of my childhood.

There are a lot of games I like these days too. Both big and small titles. Waking Mars is one of my favorite games I have played in ages. It was the first game in 10 or so years I played through in one go. Fez is a strong contester, so strong the only reason Waking Mars takes the first place is because it’s on Mars (and inside it) with jetpacks and Mars biology. Kerbal Space Program, Papers Please, two damn great games. I also like Dragon Age, Mass Effect (shh, I’m one of the guys who hated the ending), Dishonored and Deus Ex (the original and human revolution) a lot.


Feel free to contact me if you wish to ask anything! I can’t promise I’ll answer all mails, but I’ll definitely read all I receive! …sometimes I just forget to answer.